First blog.. and pictures yay!
Hi there all,

Sorry, I have to do this blog in English although I know it's more of a Russian kinda website. My Russian is still not good enough to make entire blog posts yet. So far, only a decent привет comes out of my mouth. Maybe художник and луна too. I'm learning it because in november 2008 the girl I've felt in love with has added me on skype and she's Russian. That's why I created a LiveJournal too, because that was the only way I could read all of her posts. Her livejournal can be found at

So, here I am. A dutch guy who is on a Russian website telling about himself and how he is going to learn to at least understand a bit Russian. I'll also tell sometimes about my band but this blog will be more about my beautiful girlfriend.

Because I'm going to visit St. Peterburg for the first time in my life and I'm trying to learn Russian I found some beautiful pictures of St. Peterburg which I found on a website. I don't know if you like them, but I sure do. If St. Peterburg looks likes this, I will surely fall in love with the city (I already fallen in love with one of the people from there, so it must be good :D )

St Peterburg in the morning.

More picture on this website.

Oh, you can respond in Russian, English or Dutch. I will try to translate it myself, else I have Anya or Google :P


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